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Training is the cornerstone upon which a successful food safety system is built. Food handlers must be trained and/or supervised in food safety matters related to the work they carry out. We understand not only the importance of complying with this requirement but the benefits and long lasting effects of high quality training. Our training methods have consistently proven to be effective in empowering food handlers with the knowledge they need to understand and control the risks associated with their activities. HMS have been training food handlers since 1998. We understand that different operations have different needs. We work with you to develop a training program suited to your operation and budget. Below is an outline of our most popular courses.

Currently we have the Level 1 Food Safety/Primary Course available, but over the next few days our Level 2 will be available online also.

Level 1 Food Safety/Primary Course

Introduction to Food Safety, Food Safety Hazards & Allergens, Personal Hygiene, Cleaning & Pest Control, Cross Contamination, The Food Process & Introduction to HACCP, Bacteria & Bacteria growth

Level 2 Food Safety/Primary Course

Microbiological Hazards, Food Contamination, Delivery, Storage, Preparation, Cooking, Personal Hygiene, Food Premises & Equipment, Pest Control, Cleaning & Disinfection, Law & Enforcement

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