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Our Audit and support programme is designed to ensure you have the help and advice your business needs to not only comply with food safety legislation but provide a superior service to your customer. Our tailor made safe food excellence program gives “peace of mind” allowing you to manage your business safely and efficiently. Through our auditing and support programme we will work with you to maintain the highest standards. Our Audits are carried out at a frequency that suits your business. During our audits, your HMS consultant will not only identify issues but provides solutions to those issues. The audits are also an excellent means of on the spot training for food handlers as we interact with those on duty throughout the visit. A detailed graded report is issued after each visit and we work with you to get your audit results as high as possible. We are proud of our clients and their hard work in achieving the highest food safety standards which is why we issue the HMS plaque to hang at your premises. This communicates your commitment to food safety to your customers.

As well as carrying out regular audits, we are there to help and support you however you may need it. From customer complaints and EHO visits to supplier approval and facilities management.

The main goal of our food safety audit & support programme is to identify food safety risks. We provide solutions to minimise those risks through improved procedures and employee behaviour. We work to meet your unique needs, provide applicable solutions and develop a partnership that maintains the highest level of food safety and hygiene. As well as helping to protect your customers from foodborne illness, our programmes help protect your business and reputation. Our comprehensive program is a proactive approach to food safety compliance

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  • The food safety audit is conducted in an easily understandable format that follows the flow of food from receipt to service
  • We encourage Management & Staff to accompany us throughout the Audit, to serve as a valuable training opportunity and “Hands On” experience
  • The Audit is conducted during production to assess a variety of preparation and service components
  • We encourage unannounced Audits in order to see true-to-life situations and performance of your operation. As well, to keep your staff “on their toes” and ready for other unannounced visitors.

The Audit Report

At the conclusion of the Audit a digital report will be send to you immediately. The report details all areas of compliance and serves as an important tool for review and improvement. Scores for each compliance item are based on level of importance and weighted in accordance with food safety risks. Final scoring provides an accurate measurement and guideline of the overall level of compliance in your premises.

Benefits to you the Owner

  • Detailed measurement of food safety performance
  • “Peace of Mind” that your operation is compliant and allows you to get on with running your business
  • Audit scores can be tied in with management reviews and bonus structures

We’re happy to help. Ask away.

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