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See Advice From the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Website

“Choosing a Food Safety Trainer or Training Course”

There is no national accreditation body for trainers or training courses in Ireland, so, if you do decide to do a course or employ a trainer, please bear in mind the points below. Remember, it is advisable to contact a number of training providers to find the one that suits your needs, as there is no ‘one fits all’ training course.

Does the trainer have appropriate food safety qualifications?
•They must have a background in food safety
•They must have relevant experience in the food industry
•They must have knowledge of how people learn and training skills
HMS consultants are all qualified Environmental Health/Food Science Graduates

Can they provide follow-up support?
Post training follow-up is beneficial as it can help when starting to put the training theory into practice in the workplace and can help to clarify any issues that may have arisen since the training took place.
HMS will audit your food safety system and training program periodically as part of your support & monitoring programme

Is management participation encouraged?
Management involvement is crucial to the success of the training. It is important that the trainer and management work together to ensure that all food safety aspects relating to the business are addressed in the course.
HMS advise that management participation is crucial. We have courses tailored to management level

What do some of their previous clients say about them?
Talking to previous clients will help determine the quality of the training provided. However, it must be kept in mind that the success of the service is dependent on the input of the training provider and the food business.
HMS has over 200 clients. We have gained a wealth of experience in successful delivery of information to all different types of people. See our website for Testimonials from a selection of our long term clients

Is the training provider interested in identifying your specific needs?
Are they willing to spend time with you, listen to you and explain the best method of meeting your requirements?
HMS is not only interested in your needs but will work with you to help you achieve your goals

Are they willing to show you some of their training aids or previous work?
This will give you an indication of the quality of training you can expect to receive and assess whether the training is generic or tailored to suit your needs.
HMS has been in business since 1998. We would be happy to talk you through our courses and specifically the content that we would focus on to make it specific to your operation

How often does food hygiene training have to be done?
There is no frequency set out in legislation for training. It is up to food businesses to decide when the staff require refresher training.
HMS works with the operator to keep all your staff, new and old up to date with all current requirements. We will advise on frequency of training and refresher training to ensure knowledge remains fresh and up to date

What does Environmental Health Officer look for when assessing food safety training?
The enforcement officer will not necessarily want to see a certificate from a particular training course; rather, they will observe the hygiene practices and verify the food safety knowledge of staff. They may ask to see food safety records or ask about the food safety training that has been provided.
HMS is well established. Our courses are well recognised. As part of all of our training services we provide certificates and training records for all of our clients

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