Food Safety Training

Training is the cornerstone upon which a successful food safety system is built. Food handlers must be trained and/or supervised in food safety matters related to the work they carry out. We understand not only the importance of complying with this requirement but the benefits and long lasting effects of high quality training. Our training methods have consistently proven to be effective in empowering food handlers with the knowledge they need to understand and control the risks associated with their activities. HMS have been training food handlers since 1998. We understand that different operations have different needs. We work with you to develop a training program suited to your operation and budget. Below is an outline of our most popular courses.


  • Are delivered by qualified, registered and experienced trainers
  • Are flexible to suit your business operation
  • Can facilitate small and large groups
  • Level 1: Food Safety Training- suitable as induction for all staff in all food areas including back up areas & front of house

    Delivered on site at your premises at a time that suits you.
    Covers the following:

    • Introduction to food safety
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Bacteria & Bacterial Growth
    • Food Safety Hazards & Contamination including Allergens
    • Food handling & Storage
    • Cleaning & Pest Control
    • Introduction to HACCP
    • Worksheets
    • Exam

    Certificates issued to all successful candidates. Training record and results summary provided for your files

    Duration: 3 hours
  • Level 2: Food Safety Training (Primary Course in Food Safety)- suitable for direct food handlers, chefs and managers:

    Provides food workers with an in-depth knowledge of food safety & HACCP.
    Covers the following modules:

    • Introduction to food safety
    • Microbiological Hazards
    • Food Contamination
    • HACCP from Food Delivery to Storage
    • HACCP from Food Preparation to Cooking and Service
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Food Premises and Equipment
    • Pest Control
    • Cleaning and Disinfection
    • Food Safety Law and Enforcement
    • Consists of ten food safety & hygiene sessions, worksheets, videos & exam
    • All course materials provided

    Certificates issued by The Environmental Health Association of Ireland
    Certificates valid for 5 years

    Duration: Can be completed in one full day or over two half days
  • Level 3: Food Safety Management
    • Introduction
    • Micobiological Contamination
    • Physical Contamination
    • Chemical Contamination
    • Allergens & Their Control
    • Before HACCP (Pre-Requisites)
    • HACCP- Benefits & Compliance
    • Principles of HACCP
    • Building a HACCP system
    • Monitoring, Verification & Review
    • Training & Management of Records
    • Exam
    • Assignment

    Certificates issued to all successful candidates. Training record and results summary provided for your files

    Duration: 4 days